For 40 years Carl Josef's pioneering ideas have been transformed into a reality. Using our own manufacturing facilities means we are more technically advanced than any other company in our field, enabling our designers to attain individuality unachievable from conventional fitted furniture suppliers.

Every project we undertake is completely individual. No two people have exactly the same space or vision for how they envisage their perfect interior. At Carl Josef we have shown time and time again that everything we do is out of the ordinary. We can offer an almost limitless choice of finishes and styles, from the ultra-contemporary to the classic and timeless


The way we approach our interior planning is as unique as the furniture we make. After you have visited one of our showrooms to really appreciate the level of detail and craftsmanship of our furniture. One of our highly skilled designers visits your property to understand fully what you are trying to achieve. Our steadfast personal relationship with each client inspires confidence, ensuring any project undertaken is a stress-free as possible.

We appreciate that planning any room is a huge decision driven by the desire to have something special. We know that you only want to do a room once and that the personal approach is always the best. Your designer will be your main contact throughout the project ensuring everything runs as smoothly as possible. Very soon after our designers visit your home, they will have brought your plans to life. You are invited to our main showroom to see first-hand a journey around your space in photo realistic quality. Every detail is millimetre accurate so that you can really appreciate every part of the space in a way that leaves nothing to your imagination.


Our individuality derives from the fact that we personally supervise every project from conception to completion to guarantee each customer’s requirement is met. Such unwavering personal service combined with the latest technology in interior design and highly qualified and experienced installation teams ensures only the ultimate experience is provided for our customer.

Unlike other companies, we can manage your entire project, undertaking everything from structural alterations, electrical and plumbing requirements along with decorating and soft furnishings if required.


Having something unique is affordable at Carl Josef Interiors. Since we began Carl Josef has led the field with pioneering designs for every room in the home manufacturing unique furniture tailored to your needs. Our commitment to offering superior design, quality and service has ensured our long-standing success. Our highly professional and experienced team will guide and advise you through every aspect of your project offering you the widest possible choice, both in design and finish, we then have the versatility and skills to produce those stunning designs offering you an affordable, unique and personal result to enjoy for many years to come.


All Carl Josef furniture is made to each customer's individual requirements at our extensive workshops in Poulton Le Fylde by our dedicated team of professional cabinet makers. All to the highest standards using the finest cabinet materials. Our specialised machinery and highly talented craftsmen are able to undertake all types of furniture manufacture. As well as our unique kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, studies and media-rooms Carl Josef is also renowned for many other types of furniture including freestanding dining tables, chairs, company boardrooms, dental surgeries and reception areas to name a few. All our furniture is then sprayed or hand finished on our premises, offering our customers the widest possible choice of colour or finish.


All our designs are manufactured and installed by 'our own' dedicated and highly qualified teams. We supervise each project from concept through to completion. The way our furniture is fitted is just as important to us as the design and manufacture. We are confident that the quality of all we do, will be something you enjoy for years to come. This unfaltering commitment to turning your dreams into reality promises total satisfaction with every Carl Josef design.

With our reputation of long-standing success in designing, manufacturing and installing, people have come to trust us with all aspects of improving their home. Over 35 years later customers are still returning to us to design their home projects.